Shocking Truth About Carbon Copy Pro

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Looking for a real legitimate review on Carbon Copy Pro? When researching Carbon Copy Pro it is hard to find out whether this business is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity. Almost all the websites out there offering a Carbon Copy Pro review are simply the owners or members that are writing the reviews about this system with the intention of having people join them. Since they are promoting this business their Carbon Copy Pro analysis is going to be focused on the good points and not the negative ones. What you are doing now is the right step because you are researching whether this is right for you or not.

Is Carbon Copy Pro really that simple and easy to understand turnkey system like the websites say? Can you seriously make a large income by not talking to people and by just plugging into a turnkey marketing system? How do you really find out if this is the truth or just a bunch of hype and false promises? How can you really decide if a business like this is really going to help make you successful or just flatten out your wallet?
As someone that was previously involved in the business, and decided to leave, my intention has been to provide an adequate review of Carbon Copy Pro review that focuses on the both the good and bad points. I'm going to share with you the facts about this business that others won't share with you.

First, what is Carbon Copy Pro? CCP is a marketing system that was developed by Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson to help people sell the products of a company called Wealth Masters International. It was actually made so that people can duplicate what works and avoid the problems that mostly occur in the direct sales industry. Members of the company then receive a website to market the products of the company. The website helps solves the problem for Newbies that never built a website before and how to write excellent sales pages but the problem that this creates is that, that same website is seen everywhere on the internet. Many people realize automatically that the website that they came across looks familiar so they click away from the website because they already know about the business opportunity.

Another main problem with this replicated website is that it doesn't gain the trust of the opportunity seekers who want to know more about the person that they are deciding to join up with. It's doesn't have any contact information except for the phone number. Most people would like to know the person more before they invest $2000 into the business opportunity so they have the confidence and trust of the person that they joined up with.
You want to join a company that teaches you how to get the proper training and how to personalize your own website so you can build a relationship with your prospects.
Carbon Copy Pro boasts that their business takes out the human element out it. For instance, no calling, marketing, and no selling are what this business model expresses. Turnkey replicated systems that promise you the world such as sign up and that you are going to make money means that if something sounds too good to be true than it truly is. I know from my personal experience, some people actually make sales by investing into the turnkey system while others have lost thousands of dollars and didn't even make their investment back.

Turnkey systems are a start for newbie's but you need to find the company that can train you to market online effectively. The training set up by Carbon Copy Pro had very general information and nothing worth bragging about because it gave the basic principles. If you want the specifics on marketing you would have to pay them or you can figure it out yourself through trial and error.

If you aren't able to see the trainings before signing up with any business and is an automatic red flag. You should have the ability to see what it is that you are getting before you invest into the business.

Online businesses can be a very rewarding experience that you can endure through if you have the right tools and training available. Making money online requires a lot of effort on your part. If you want to make a six or seven figure income online, you will need to learn the truth about the online marketing aspect in order to succeed with any of your internet businesses.

Almir Bojkovic is a successful online entrepreneur who works with people from around the world. He has a passion for seeing others achieve their life long goals, dreams and aspirations by devoting most of his time and energy helping and mentoring them, so they too, can achieve success on the internet. If you would like to have true financial security, he invites you to visit his profitable business opportunity website for everything you need to start and run your own business online. His services include advertising, mentoring, and a full service training and support to help guarantee your success. For more information visit

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